18 October 2017
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Editor's Note: Supreme Court Practice Directions amended to include a section on medical negligence claims

Singapore Law Watch
11 Oct 2017

The Supreme Court Practice Directions have been amended (Supreme Court Practice Directions Amendment No. 3 of 2017) to include a section on medical negligence claims (Part XXIII of the Practice Directions). With effect from 1 July 2017, parties in medical negligence claims are to comply with the protocol set out at Appendix J of the Practice Directions. The protocol comprises three sections on pre-action specific discovery of documents, commencement of suit and pre-trial proceedings, and medical assessors. The Court will consider compliance with the protocol when exercising its discretion as to costs and when deciding on the interest payable. Practitioners handling medical negligence claims who do not comply with the protocol risk jeopardising clients’ interests.